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How do you Measure a Dream?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese Proverb.

As enigmatic a big dream can be for those who are intimidated by its audacity or ambiguity, or who can only view it from the context of today, successful leaders are able to communicate their vision to others in understandable terms and clear actions. They can break down the steps required to achieve their big dream. This “work back” begins to quantify the dream. Through deconstruction, the idea that seemed so impossible, suddenly becomes achievable.

There has been research done that seems to counter the idea big goals are key to success, rather they state it is the little goals that make the difference in achievement. I would agree in a literal sense, that a big goal which is non-specific, hard to measure, unattainable, seemingly irrelevant and unbound with time can overwhelm and lead to frustration as it lingers beyond the boundaries of all those criteria. However, it would be reasonable to say that this is more about semantics and that big dreams (aka BHAGs) are effective, as they can be smashed into many smaller “smart” goals.

The cumulative value of each small goal becomes a sum that comprises the dream. Each goal achieved has a value based on the investment needed or the revenue created. The accomplishment of each step has worth too, as they indicate milestones in the entrepreneur’s life.

The quantitative measurement of the totality of action gives rise to its impact. This is called the Total Quantum Impact.

It is the essence of a cosmic ripple. Where one action made with intention, incrementally, can create ripples across time and space, that turn into great waves and make an incredible impact.

Like splitting an atom to start a chain reaction and release its full force, smashing your big dreams into tiny smart goals helps realize the full potential for your future impact.

In one’s life the total is often measured financially as it takes currency to fund the necessities of life and afford luxury one desires. How we connect the value of this to achieving goals along the way to achieving our dreams is fundamental to understanding our Total Quantum Impact.


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