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Thank you for being one of the 
Good Men 

What is a GOOD MAN?

It is a man who acts with purpose,

lives honorably and intentionally.

We are fallible, have made mistakes and many missteps along the way.

We have been injured and traumatized in our lives as children,

and are doing our best as men

Other men can rely on us.

We are vulnerable and authentic.

We've endured years, even decades, of secrecy living with our feelings of

shame, guilt, fear, lack of worth, self-doubt, sadness and anger

We have lived below our potential.

We have been limited by our past and inability to deal with it.

Our guilt made us feel worthless.

Then one day we reached our breaking point.

For everyone it is different.

It might have been the rock bottom of addiction, or maybe it was depression or mental illness. It was almost always accompanied by loss of: business, relationships &/or health. 

We sought help. Important, professional help.

Before it was too late.

And we began our healing.

The day our secrets were no longer and our healing began, the universe opened up, our lives became almost instantly better and the opportunities we always dreamed of finally began to reveal themselves. Our relationships improved and our outlook did too, as we believed our value and understood in our worth in the world. The self-imposed limits were gone.


But that alone does not make you a "GOOD MAN". 

Good men support other men. They teach and guide and mentor them.

They provide support and give community.

More importantly they give trust and love without conditions. 


Help me make a cosmic ripple.

Join the "List of Good Men" in my life by sharing your journey and successes with men who really need to hear the message of healing so they can experience 


Your experiences and insights will help expand our reach, support the book and deliver our message that will share lessons of happiness, love and success that other men must hear so they can heal and thrive.

Maybe a guest appearance on our podcast is right for you. Let's find out. 



Leading From The Front podcast Hosted by Dr. Gary McGrath
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