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We see a world free of the impacts of trauma 





UNLimited WORTH Wellness Society has a vision of a world free from the impacts of trauma

Everyday we wake up with purpose knowing that together we create opportunities to end the cycle of childhood trauma and its impact on adult survivors. 

Our mission is to encourage transformational well-being for millions of men and their support networks who want to heal and realize their UNLimited WORTH. 

UNLimited WORTH Wellness Society Values:

  1. Connection: Unresolved developmental trauma is connected to everything we do. Releasing humankind from the grip of trauma improves social wellness.  

  2. Healing: With compassion and patience we recognize and support all persons who have experienced childhood trauma in their right to receive suitable treatment or therapy.

  3. Support: We will achieve this working with community partners and like-minded organizations.

  4. Learning: We are committed to learning from research, dialogue, and experience.

  5. Belonging: We value authentic space for acceptance, inclusiveness and purpose for everyone, with appropriate cultural sensitivity. 

 To reach millions of men with this important message, we must address all aspects to encourage men to speak up and seek help. Yes, it is that simple. Break their silence by sharing with just ONE person whom they love and trust, and ONE person who is a trained professional in healing trauma. 

UNLimited WORTH Wellness Society will execute our strategy by:

  • Vocalizing the impact trauma has on survivors and the best ways to overcome this, through local, regional, national, and international awareness.

  • Advocating for integrated support treatment services for those who experience childhood trauma.

  • Building programs and a network for men, and their supporters within communities, who have experienced childhood trauma.

  • Working with partners to provide connection, access, and support to treatment programs and services specializing in trauma recovery.

  • Attract investment in this important cause through a donor-centric fund-raising strategy to achieve our mission.

UNLimited WORTH Wellness Society receives some funding and donations from corporate and executive clients that book professional speaking, training and workshops for their teams, in order to pay-it-forward supporting the organization's message and training with other non-profit or community organizations. 



UNLimited WORTH Wellness Society is an incorporated non-profit society under the

British Columbia Societies Act, BC, Canada.

Incorporation #: S0077845

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