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The talented do what others with talent won’t

Mike's book “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life” is one of the better books I have had the chance to get my hands on as it combines a tremendous motivational message with a clear plan of attack to take your "entrepreneurial game" to another level. Mike does this for you in such a way that you can immediately incorporate the lessons into your life and your job.

-Kevin Eastman, Former NBA World Championship Coach and current Corporate & Sports Team Speaker.

Years ago, when I first met Kevin, he was speaking to my mastermind group in Los Angeles. He was working with famous coach Doc Rivers and the LA Clippers. They previously guided the Celtics to the World Championships.

Kevin was sharing the wisdom from his observations of top performers and shared his insight on talent.

Our room was full of entrepreneurs with talent, competing daily in business. Kevin’s said he believed there is a clear distinction between people with talent and those who are talented.

He told a story about Kevin Garnett, one of the NBA’s biggest and most dominant stars of the last decade. Garnett redefined the power forward. He was a big man who could dribble, pass, shoot, defend and was a monster in the paint. Lebron James is partly “Lebron” because Garnett cleared the way.

It was extraordinarily difficult to reach the NBA and those who did all had talent. He said Kevin Garnett was talented.

Then Eastman told us an amazing story of a Celtics practice, deep in the playoffs. But... you are going to have to buy the book to learn what happened next!

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