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Now available on “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life”

The fifth book, by Squamish, BC’s Mike Skrypnek, is a guide to entrepreneurial success.


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Phone: 604-898-6340

Now available on “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life”

The fifth book, by Squamish, BC’s Mike Skrypnek, is a guide to entrepreneurial success.

[Squamish, BC Feb 18th, 2020] Can you comfortably say you have a plan for how you are going to GROW your business, GET more freedom, and GIVE back? Mike’s fifth book, “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life” now available on Amazon and Kindle, shares the philosophy that guides important business and personal decisions and gives structure for making a big impact. Mike learned from the best and applied it. Now he’s sharing the secrets that helped him enjoy success with North American entrepreneurs along the West Coast and the Sea to Sky Corridor. An impact-mindset is what drives me,” said, Skrypnek. “Sharing the strategies and tactics I learned and applied with business owners who want to make a real difference in this world gives me energy and lets me collapse time for others who want to grow. I work closely with business owners from all over North America but I especially love working with leaders in the Sea to Sky Corridor. We are part of something real special here.”

“Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life” tackles business in a way you should. Passion and purpose help position you to attract customers so you can GROW your business. While people, processes and systems help you GET more freedom for life and from work. The book highlights how to incorporate your GIVE back strategy through your business for life.

“Mike’s book “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life” is one of the better books I have had the chance to get my hands on as it combines a tremendous motivational message with a clear plan of attack to take your “entrepreneurial game” to another level. Mike does this for you in such a way that you can immediately incorporate the lessons into your life and your job.” – Kevin Eastman, Former NBA World Championship Coach and current Corporate Sports Team Speaker.

The secrets in this book are proven. Mike implemented every one of them in the years following the financial crisis and they ALL worked. In just six years he grew his purpose-driven business ten times bigger to nearly $1mm, working 3 months less each year, while helping guide families to give over $12.5 million to charities. From this experience his philosophy of a GROW GET GIVE life emerged. Now he wants to share it with you. About Mike: Mike Skrypnek is an accomplished five time author of books on philanthropy and business success. A transformational business coach and international speaker, Mike’s Grow Get Give philosophy holds the keys to success that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs know, and he implemented, to achieve big impact in his life and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, advisors, business owners and the millionaire next door. The mantra is the cornerstone criteria for making important life and business decisions. Mike’s Grow Get Give coaching program (in-person and unique live online training), his Speak 2 Sell clubs and Sea 2 Sky Summit are where successful entrepreneurs go to get firsthand training.

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If you would like more information about the book or Mike Skrypnek, call (604)-898-6340, (403)-870-6775 or email:

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