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GROW your business: Three reasons people won't hire you

Tuesday is a good day for work, let’s GROW your business. Build a Mountain of Credibility™ Three reasons people won’t hire you or buy from you.

1. Your message is lost in a sea of noise and confusion. This pandemic has forced everyone online. It seemed like that was exactly where people were hanging out before, but it wasn’t. They were living in the “real world” interacting with others at work, on the street, in coffee shops and at meetings and events. For most people, the internet and social media were about information, communication and entertainment.

Today, our old ways of communicating and exchanging ideas…as well as doing business have been forced online. Now millions of people are logging on to do their business…and sell their products and services. The noise level has risen to a 10. Whether you were an online marketer, or have been forced onto the medium, it will be even more challenging to rise above others and differentiate you. To succeed we must nurture the community that understands our values and why we serve them, as well as expand our reach to share that with people who don’t know us yet. This isn’t a blue ocean; it is a sea of sharks. Where are you swimming?

2. Your customer has their own priorities. In this sea of confusion, something that has always been true is that your customer has different priorities than you. That will never change, but the perception must. You are in business to make money – otherwise you are in charity. Your customers want the benefits they perceive from your business and are willing to exchange their money for it. The biggest mistake you can make is, not understanding them. Going beyond the concept of right fit, you must learn your ideal clients’ values and priorities. What motivates them to buy from you and when do they take action?

3. You put the “me” back in “I want to sell you something”. This is easy. Look over your marketing material or recent brochure, Linked In profile or post on Instagram or even your last email message to a customer. Every time you see “I”, “me”, or a reference to your own business, consider how you might replace with “you”, “us”, “we” or a reference to your ideal client. Ask how you might serve before you sell. When building your Mountain of Credibility™ set a course to share your values, differentiate yourself, understand your ideal client and take “me” out of your communication in order to serve.

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