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What is a GROW GET GIVE life philosophy?

Some people have asked me, what exactly is that GROW GET GIVE philosophy of life that you talk about and encourages entrepreneurs to live?

It is a simple three part goal I have to help business owners:

GROW your business, GET more freedom and GIVE back.

It is also an aspirational business philosophy that, I believe, should be pursued by all entrepreneurs.

READ it below or Listen to Mike explain it :)

It is where you, the business owner, enjoy the real GROWth of your business, your wealth and your impact. When you can share your true passion and purpose for what you do and what you offer to the world clearly, so you are working with or selling to the right customers all the time. Building your wealth based on a combination of serving and selling, you experience true personal and professional GROWth.

Entrepreneurs often choose their path with one goal in mind – to GET freedom. Doing what you’re passionate about, when you want to and with who energizes you is key to that. Controlling your time and energy and removing a ceiling on what you earn are also primary drivers for us. When you GET more freedom, you can be more creative and more innovative. The result is more time to enjoy life while working less and earning more. True entrepreneurial freedom is realized when you are a business owner – and not when you have a job. People, processes and systems will set you free.

Lastly, it is about the GIVE. Your Big Impact.

I only spend time working with those who feel it is their responsibility or calling to GIVE back in some way. The result of successful business is profit. Profit, in my world, is the means to make big impact – philanthropic or otherwise. When you GET entrepreneurial freedom, you are able to consider and dream your vision for impact. Giving isn’t only rooted in the philanthropic. It is also about improving your quality of life. GIVE back to yourself in ways that ensure your health and happiness, GIVE back to strengthen your family and community relationships and GIVE back to the causes that matter most to you, to make your BIG IMPACT.

Incorporating a GROW GET GIVE life into your business planning is simple and your business plan should be too.

There are really just two rules of business that will help you build any business plan:

Rule #1 Get clients

Rule #2 Keep clients

All things in business boil down to that. If you can’t figure out how to do #1 you won’t have to worry about #2 because you’ll have no business.

Build the strategies and tactics to accomplish those two goals and you will find success. Often when I am working with people, they become overwhelmed with details that don’t point in those directions. Expanding those two key points will allow you to answer any questions about how you should build your business, how to sell, how to build your infrastructure and how to serve.

After the two rules of business are clear for you and your business is in motion, entrepreneurs face very basic challenges that can be described in two categories:

Business Growth (SALES) & Personal Freedom (PROCESSES).

In life and business, reaching any summit requires a mountain to climb – or in this case, build. Your business must have the bedrock that everything else rests on. That bedrock then supports layers that rise to the height of the peak. The highest mountains have the biggest bases. There is a long way to go before you can even consider the summit. Climbing to the top of Everest doesn’t even start until you reach base camp.

The goal of business is profit. The benefit of profit is impact. That is your summit. Strong businesses have strong foundations. Defining your business and attracting customers, starts here. The first level of this foundation is your why, what you do and who your customer is. Passion, purpose, people. The beginning is all about connecting your vision with action, occasionally stumbling, experiencing some success, and enduring struggles along the way.

As you climb, more requirements come with your progress. Continually refining your vision and ideas while positioning your services and products in front of your market is needed in order to sell and earn money. When you finally attract customers you must delight them and engage them for growth and future sales. Building processes allows you to do all of this predictably while adding systems and people allows you to do this on a larger scale. This allows you the FREEDOM to work less and make more.

Your summit is where your profit and impact is found. You reach it when you combine those things that allow you to GROW your business and GET you freedom.

Through writing, speaking, and my Big GROWTH Big IMPACT coaching business I am thankfully positioned to enable others to have an incredible impact. I urge you to join me in pursuit of your own Grow Get Give life. You can find out so much more when you join us live for our amazing two day Sea 2 Sky Summit this fall.

If you’re a GIVING entrepreneur or business owner who is passionate about serving people, you either have a GROW your business - otherwise known as a sales & marketing - or messaging challenge or a GET more FREEDOM - or, a time & energy challenge. Join us October 7th and 8th for a transformative business experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth. That is the Sea 2 Sky Summit in Squamish, BC go to

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