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Tuition for the school of hard knocks is expensive. Don’t go!

A diploma from "U of HKs"

I’ll admit it. I spent a lot of years doing the wrong things and driving down the wrong roads. Forever the optimist entrepreneur, I hit the biggest of potholes. You know, poor planning (aka. none), mistaken business investments, bad partners, terrible hires, dumb marketing attempts, shiny objects, chasing “my precious”, missed opportunities…all the big ones! I learned something every time, but it always seemed that as soon as I found success in one place, I quickly stepped in another pile of “you-know-what”. Learning from the “University of Hard Knocks” is one way to do it, but boy was it tough and extremely expensive. While we all have paid out tuition and taken our courses, it is not an “institution” I recommend returning to. You see I knew I could do everything myself. I actually believed that if I wanted things done right and quickly, that I should be the one to do them. Why wait around for others, or to learn or train? Why spend money on this when you can just give it a shot and see what happens? Done is better than perfect, right?

I’ll tell you why. When I made my mistakes, it took me a lot of time to figure out I was headed down the wrong path. The effort distracted me from moving more important things forward and cost me a ton of time and tens of thousands of dollars! It took years to fix this, but once I did I never turned back. I learned more and succeeded quickly. Here’s what I learned: Everything that has ever been done well follows some very basic principles and, outside of your unique thing, it has all been done before.

The awesome part is you'll find it in books and in the wisdom of mentors and coaches.

Save time!

The best coaches collapse time for you.

Once I found the right ones, I did exactly what they said to do. I added my own twist and voila, success!

Not only success, but repeatable, predictable success.

This past year, I wrote down every secret, tip and tactic that I learned, was told, invented myself, or was coached to do. I built a three volume book, for entrepreneurs like you, that shares the knowledge you need to succeed. Start your Grow Get Give Life today.

The book:

Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life is your step-by-step guide to success in life and business.

I am launching this book at the end of January, but if you want to reserve your copy of Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life today, you will save 20%.

As part of my commitment to make a big impact, I’m giving $2 for every book sold to the Fit Family Foundation Fund supporting family education, children’s health and nutrition and safety.

As a bonus:

Pre-order your copy for only $19.70 and I’ll personally sign and deliver yours.

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