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IQ + EQ + A = QI

In life, we measure genius with IQ and must possess emotional intelligence (EQ) to experience strong personal connection. Action (A), or energy, as a catalyst at the right moment, releases the potential to realize our Quantum Impact (QI).

Humans have earned our position today in the universe after billions of years of evolution striving for more, adapting and growing. We uniquely possess consciousness and acknowledge that we can conceive of possibilities beyond the present. Our biggest dreams guide even the smallest goals that when achieved incrementally result in exponential impact.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

Everything starts with a singular action. From the origin of our known universe, the moment of singularity 13.8 billion years ago that began its expansion continues today. While not an “idea” or dream, this was an incredible energy that led to massive consequence. The Big Bang was the first quantum impact that has reverberated for eons. At the most fundamental level, singular bodies releasing the right energy result in big things. The potential resides at a subatomic level and in our subconscious. As we become aware, we can release the energy, coupled with audacious dreams and the right actions, that will cause a series of events that allow us to realize our big impact. As with any potential, the application of a catalyst unleashes kinetic energy.

Robert Oppenheimer proved this by using energy to split atoms releasing a chain reaction and incredible force that was the atomic bomb. In its purest form, he harnessed the ability to turn stored nuclear matter into pure energy that released 18.6 kilotons of power.

Progress emanates from hypothesis to theory to yet another big bang. These are quantum impacts.

History is dotted with big dreams that started from the smallest beginnings then grew beyond imagination. From fire to the wheel, to electricity and the microchip, enormous expansion started with a singular spark.

We all have power within us. Not just at an atomic level, but in our consciousness. Aware of this, we can impart impact that extends beyond us, into the universe. We can apply it to create, invent and innovate. When we do, we learn our impact is interstellar.

In simplistic terms we know this to be true.

“Little hinges swing big doors.”

– W. Clement Stone.

It starts with a big dream and the right energy.

Realizing your full potential will require that you learn your Total Quantum Impact.


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