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The Anti-Drama Zone

Our home is an ANTI-DRAMA zone...

.and so is my office.

One of the best ways to alleviate you of the burden of time wasting behavior is to rise above drama. I know. It is everywhere. On social media, on TV, at the movies, through our entertainment and in our sports, we thrive on watching drama unfold and feel excited and nervous as spectators in the exhibition. Virtually experiencing it, if at all, is healthy escapism.

Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted as saying,

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”.

It is when we draw that drama into our lives that the fun is lost. It is our focus on adding to the chaos, the intrigue and the tumult in our days, families and relationships that increases stress and lowers our IQ. Encouraging participation in the hyper emotional preoccupation of the plight of others or the catty gossip behind the backs of fellow employees and even the community bad mouthing of other business leaders who believe differently than you brings you down.

On the farm, they know better than to gossip or find joy in the sorrow or shortcomings of others.

They say, that

“you can’t waller with pigs, and not get dirty.”

Raising yourself up on the backs of others to their disadvantage undermines the potential of your leadership. It doesn’t elevate you, but only brings you down.

Choose to be a great mind, not a small one, because you need a strong and healthy mind to lead business and make impact. Pick ideas, support events and raise people up.

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