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Make space in your life for new people by: opening your time, energy and mind. ⁠

Make space in your life for new people by: opening your time, energy and mind. ⁠ Meet new people in new environments whenever possible. There are opportunities all around us each day to meet new and interesting people. ⁠ Most of our lives and days begin and end purposefully as we move through our necessary work, obligations, appointments and pastimes.⁠

It's just like Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why” said,⁠ "It's not about how many people that you can meet while networking, but how many people you can introduce to others.”⁠ When I met Gabrielle Loren, we immediately connected. We met at an evening après event held by the Squamish Chamber of Commerce as she was in the final weeks of her election campaign for Member of Legislative Assembly. ⁠

I wasn’t in the networking mood, but decided to go with it and within the first 30 minutes we were introduced. We saw eye to eye on a lot things and would keep in touch regularly from that point on. We are both clear on the opportunities we will share with each other and the people we will make introduction to. ⁠ The best outcomes are when you learn something you never learned before or meet someone who will become an important connection in your life. You might simply get an interesting story out of the exchange. At worst, you must bid farewell and start up a conversation with someone else. Move on. Anyway you consider it; making the effort to meet new people will improve your life and help #grow your business. ⁠ 👉 My book Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life is your road map to success in business and life.

Starting with your passion and purpose, I will show you how to position yourself to attract customers so you can #GROW your business. ⁠ Next I teach you how people, processes and systems can help you #GET more freedom for life and from work.⁠ Finally, for those of you who want to make an even bigger impact, I show you how to incorporate my #GIVE back strategy through your business⁠ .⁠ .⁠⁠ 📙 Get your copy on #amazon today 👇

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