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"If you want to make more money, be funny."⁠

Happiness can be found in many places, but giving it a bit of a push is even better. When you are dealing with challenging circumstances, try adding some humour or lightness to the conversation. ⁠

know when things aren’t working. They also know they are uncomfortable talking about it or hearing something they perceive will be negative, so be honest and address the seriousness with a bit of levity. This will help you deliver a necessary message to a more receptive audience. As much as this works when trying to convince, the same can be said when you are trying to sell. ⁠ I heard T. Harv Eker say this, and many have said before him and afterwards,⁠ "If you want to make more money, be funny."⁠ It is true - "More funny equals more money". What that means is you are also giving people permission in your life, even in your sales pitch, to be happy, to release their inhibitions and concerns and allow their happiness to bubble to the surface. ⁠ Never prevent others from embracing it. Don’t hold back anyone from enjoying the endorphins by keeping that chemical away from them when they so deserve it. ⁠ Choose to unleash happiness as an act of abundance, not repress it with scarcity. Allow happiness to rise. As it rises within you and it rises within the people around you, so too will your success and enjoyment of life. Letting happiness rise helps #give back to you and others. ⁠ 👉 My book Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life is your road map to success in business and life.

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