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Give Back. Pay no tax!

Welcome to GIVE back Thursday.

Establish your own Big Impact Process™

Pay no taxes!

Did you know you can be super successful in business and enjoy a zero tax estate?

When the pandemic is long gone and the government is back to being focused on building their revenue, the taxman is coming for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make some smart moves today to put a barrier between your family and the CRA or IRS?

The baby boomers I used to advise and do wealth planning for didn’t understand how it was possible before we spoke. These were intelligent, successful former executives and impact-minded business owners who didn’t know some very simple planning concepts decades earlier when they were in the middle of their careers. It was always possible someone tried to tell them, but the planner or investment advisor or insurance salesperson, might have done a poor job or came off sounding like they were selling – not serving.

In fact, often in conversation with me about estate planning strategies and tactics my clients’ eyes would widen and the amazement was visible on their faces. They would say, “If only I knew this 20 years ago!” And I would agree. If only. Too bad they did not get the guidance or seek it out until such a late time in their lives.

I would assure them we could get close and even in some cases we could still accomplish a zero tax estate, but most times tactics for great planning were off-the-table or too expensive to consider. Then they’d share all the things they did learn along the way that they wished they also knew back then. I took it as a signal, and turned my attention and advice toward their ”twenty years younger” selves and started coaching entrepreneur owners like you.

You see, planning for your estate and making impact can and should be done along the way in life. In fact, the earlier the better. There are massive cost savings and growth possibilities. It is not something you put off until you feel wealthy enough or have more time. If you have an impact-mindset and want to give, you can combine charitable giving and insurance strategies in your financial planning and eliminate the tax man.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I want to urge you to reach out to your advisor, or even me, to investigate what you should do next. If you consider yourself a serious entrepreneur, then you must take tax and estate planning seriously before it is too late. What kind of business owner ignores this part of their financial life? Almost all of them. Don’t be average, be as exceptional in planning as you are in what you do.

I hung up my titles and accreditations as an advisor years ago, but I still have the knowledge and share the concepts generously. All you have to do is set up a call with me to get a conversation going. The sooner you learn Big Impact Giving™ the more you will be able to do for you, your family, community and the causes that matter most to you.

To find out how the entrepreneur owners in our Grow Get Give Coaching family are succeeding and thriving today, growing their business, getting more freedom and giving back, just email me at

Our exclusive four person, small group coaching, six month training programs, start every month. But for a transformative life and business experience get customized coaching and input by becoming part of our one-on-one coaching family. Ask me how today. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Linked In or just check in at for more information.

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