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Enough about you, let’s talk about me

Friday solutions: Enough about you, let’s talk about me

If we’re in business, we have to sell, and everyone is suspicious of sales and sales pitches at the best of times, but when you are put yourself first it is obvious to people what you care about most. Your marketing material is one of the key touch points and how you write matters. Words matter.

Recently a local coach was marketing one of their online programs. Like most funnels and even ones I have used in the past, this free offer was intended to explain how she can help, then move people to the next step to invest in a small offer or a larger one…again, nothing new and a reasonable approach, for sure.

I “walked away” from one of the purchase streams, on purpose, because I wanted to receive her follow -up marketing. Well, a day later, it came…and there is no confusion about what she wants. She told me…plenty. In fact, it appears what she want is more important than what her prospects do.

Here’s how you know:

This marketing piece had a total of 355 words and 15 sentences, as well as the salutation and sign off. Within the text, there were 16 “I’s”, 4 “me’s”, and 5 “my’s” for a total of 10 sentences that told me what she wanted. Sadly, there were only 3 “you’s” and 2 “we’s” for a total of five times, in just 3 sentences that she showed she understood my needs….in fact, 2 of those sentences really were just telling me how she sent me something and that the program was for “you” (me).

It is clear she chose coaching as a profession because she wants to help. In fact, any impact-minded entrepreneur has that goal. The best way to repel people and give them doubt that you’re in it for them, is to focus on your wants and needs while demonstrating no understand of theirs.

Have a quick look at your current or next marketing piece and try this exercise. Replace every “I” word or statement with “you” and change every “me” to “we” or “us”. Then do this every possible time.

Hey, we don’t all get our marketing perfect, and, in fact, sometimes we do have to talk about ourselves – even when we don’t want to – but the quickest way to confirm doubt in your intentions to serve is to serve yourself first.

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