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Are you SUCK-stressful?

On October 7-8, invest just two days, at the Sea 2 Sky Summit and incredible secrets to GROW your business, GET more freedom and GIVE back will be revealed.

For all you entrepreneurs, business owners and sole proprietors you’ll learn how to make more money, doing more of what you love, while working less and making a bigger impact.

I recall a couple years ago, I was speaking with a friend and business owner who had confirmed her attendance at one of my summits. It was only a day away and she sounded stressed as she told me she had to cancel, because of a work requirement. When I asked about what kind of requirement could be so important they needed to cancel, she told me she had to wait for a client to call…that they might place an order. I asked, “How much was this order worth to you?” Her response was, “about $100 pre-tax”.

I almost fell over. “You mean to tell me that you need to stay at work an entire day, on a Friday, just to wait for a call the MIGHT be an order, which is only worth $100? Well, that sucks!”

She didn’t disagree, but she didn’t exactly like my unfiltered response either. I asked her one more question. “What if you learned one thing at the Summit that would teach you how to predictably, repeatedly and reliably attract your ideal customer and close business for you for the next there years? Wouldn’t that be worth your time?”

Her answer, “Of course, but…”

It occurred to me right then and there, that she was very “SUCK-Stressful”. Her situation sucked and she was stressed out. In fact, it sucked so badly, she wasn't even willing (or able) to change it and didn’t want to continue talking about it.

The most successful entrepreneurs work ON their business regularly. They plan, they strategize, they think and they create. They jump at opportunities to learn, to grow and investigate better ways to make more, get more freedom, and become more efficient. They also understand the value of investing a little time to learn to do things right. The others who are IN business are “suck-stressful”. They are mired in the “busy-ness” of work, working too much with the wrong people, making too little and suffering as their passion gets stripped away working without purpose. I hope this isn't you.

Make the decision to skip the "busy" activity. Another day of it won’t move you further ahead. Give up that one, uncertain, single sale and learn how to create a pipeline of sales doing what you love, how you want to and when you want to.

The secrets aren’t magical, but the results are.

If you want to GROW your business predictably an profitably, GET more freedom for you and your family, and GIVE back to yourself, your family, your community and causes that matter most to you, join me to discover how you can make your big impact. Start living your Grow, Get, Give life today by registering for the Sea2SkySummit, October 7th and 8th in breathtaking Squamish, BC.

Book your experience.

Book your room.

Book your travel.

We’ll take care of the rest. I can’t wait to see you.

Register today!

Mike Skrypnek 7 Time Author, International Speaker, Big Impact Coach GROW your business GET more freedom GIVE back

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