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Maximizing your potential includes a philanthropic view

When it comes to reaching your goals, it’s best to begin by knowing where you stand and seeing your true self.

You could look in the mirror and get a surface glance. But to really know where you are at sometimes takes another, more critical set of eyes.

Maximizing your potential includes a philanthropic view

Mike Skrypnek has that kind of focus.

A top performing business coach and owner of Squamish-based Grow Get Give Coaching, he is intuitive, listens and learned long ago one of his greatest strengths is seeing the potential in others, understanding the gifts unique to them and developing ways to help people passionately build their business and life around them.

“From my experience in the financial industry, I am able, as a business coach, to pull from people the things they need to tackle their goals,” Skrypnek says. “My strength is the ability to understand that and demonstrate, in a clear fashion, what they need to do.”

And that’s a critical piece of the puzzle when assembling the steps his clients require to advance.

“I care enough to listen intently to what my clients say about what they are doing,” he says. “Then I add my experience, expertise and wisdom to the equation - not the other way around.“The client is first and foremost in this relationship.”

Part of that is the adoption of Skrypnek’s personal mantra - Grow, Get, and Give. It’s an aspirational philosophy he promotes with everyone and maintains he only invests his time and works with those who feel it is their responsibility or calling to give back.

“People can be very focused on growing their wealth and impact,” Skrypnek says. “And I help them through that process.“But I work with people who also have a sense there is a greater impact they must fulfill beyond their own lives.”

And that may extend only as far as their own family, community, or the world at large and the causes that matter to them most.

“But success can help you get real entrepreneurial freedom, allowing you to realize your dreams and vision for impact,” he says. “Giving, however, isn’t only based in the philanthropic. Give back to yourself in ways that ensure your health and happiness. Give back to strengthen your family and community relationships and give back to the causes that matter most to you so you can make your big impact.”

Find out more about Mike, his one-on-one coaching, as well as his local monthly mastermind and speaking events at or call him at 604-898-6340.

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