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It's a crappy job....

GROW your business tip #4: Do your thing. Specialize, serve and succeed.

The more you squeeze your niche to provide a unique offering, the more valuable it is to your ideal customer and the more likely it is you will be paid a premium for what you offer.

A few years ago at dinner, my daughter mentioned she was learning about niches in science.

She was excited to explain to me how the dung beetle has a highly specialized niche and “balls up” dung to take to their homes to use as a food source when breeding, etc. As they say, it is a crappy job, but someone has to do it.

As more and more industries become commoditized it is essential to differentiate yourself. Not only to stand out from the crowd, but to clearly identify yourself to your prospects and customers as someone who will help them with their specific needs. You become valuable and magnetic to them. By doing so, you will begin to attract only those who seek what you offer and value you for it.

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© Excerpt from the book, Big GROWTH Big IMPACT, September 2014, author Mike Skrypnek

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