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50 ways to get 100 sales...

Naturally, people want to know the absolute single best way to get one hundred sure sales from customers by marketing. There really isn't ONE best way to get one hundred sales, but there most definitely are fifty ways to get two sales each — and you've gotta try all of them!

There is no mystical way to get big results. Everything requires effort and planning. It is just that the people who get the biggest results work smarter and harder than others to produce those results. They also quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. Then, they focus their effort and energy on what does. You might not know all the ways you can market when you first start out, but you'll learn a new way (or more) every time you set out to sell something. By increasing the variety of methods by which you market, you increase your chances of making sales. It is so simple, but generally people are lazy and stick to their one thing, hoping they will get results — so that they won’t have to do all the other things! By using multiple methods, techniques, and approaches to marketing, you will find that you are also always marketing.

Your communications, actions, conversations, and materials won’t happen by accident or randomly, they become planned and designed to move uninterested people to become interested, and then to engage them as prospects and ultimately as customers. By increasing the methods by which you market, you increase your chances of making sales.

Some methods are blunt instruments and others are surgically specific. You must use all of them in a defined process to build predictability, repeat-ability, and reliability to your sales efforts. Once used, you gain intelligence on their effectiveness and make adjustments, then repeat.

When you have a message worth sharing and the ultimate effect of your efforts is to add value, make an impact, and enrich the lives of others, it is okay to market yourself and your business in any way possible to ensure you share your message with those who will benefit.

Marketing is not something you do to other people; it is something you do FOR them.

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