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GIVE back: When I make more, I will give more.

How many times have you said, or thought this?

After spending a decade helping baby boomers give back to charity in ways they never thought possible, I turned my attention to help entrepreneurs realize the same impact was available to them – even as they are busy building their businesses, families and lives. For entrepreneur owners with an impact mindset, we always wish we could do more. Too often, though we are either too busy, too cash constrained of too inward focused to consider the big impacts we could make with the causes we care about most.

As I mentioned, I spent a decade counselling high net worth families as a legacy wealth planner. We connected their desire for impact with intelligent and effective ways for them to give and to save taxes. Almost every single conversation and successful planning or giving experience ended with the words, “if only I knew then what you taught me today”. I learned from my clients about the success strategies they deployed in their businesses, they always would tell me they would have done more if only they had the right guidance earlier in their lives. Now, I am sharing that wisdom and incredible hindsight with my entrepreneur owners. Giving, if it matters to you, doesn’t have to wait until you are rich enough, or have enough time. It can be an integral part of your life and your business.

The key is to start today.

We all have things to give. We can give time, mone, or what I call influence. Time: volunteer your service, volunteer mentorship, join boards. Give what you can with the skills you have. Money: give money. Weekly, monthly, annually and plan for it. As you see fit, you can share your wealth with causes that matter to you in an ad hoc manner as you feel moved, or regularly, or you can take time to properly plan for it. Planned giving gives you enormous leverage and the tools you need to do this are more accessible the younger you are.

Imagine turning your annual giving of a few hundred or few thousand dollars into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars? Oh yeah, and reducing your taxes to almost – or even zero? Sound interesting? Well it isn’t just interesting it is amazing.

Influence: This is where your role as a leader in the community and business comes in to focus. Understanding how you can influence and impact others through your actions, business initiatives or advocacy make a huge difference in the lives of others. You might do this through campaigning, showing support, speaking on topics, encouraging others to give, or even through charitable initiatives laucnhed by your company.

The sooner you learn Big Impact Giving™ the more you will be able to do for you, your family, community and the causes that matter most to you.

To find out how the entrepreneur owners in our Grow Get Give Coaching family are succeeding and thriving today, growing their business, getting more freedom and giving back, just email me at

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