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GET more freedom. What are you a master of?

It’s GET more freedom, Wednesday. Learn your Freedom Rules™

What are you a master of?

When you are a master, intense work never seems difficult. When you have risen to the level of mastery, there is joy in what others would call work. A craftsperson will happily toil all day working on the details of a project. They will do it passionately as they move into a flow state pursuing a state of consciousness that gives intense rewards. One of those rewards is freedom.

How does mastery give you freedom?

Money: Entrepreneurial freedom is realized through money, time and energy. Money frees us from our most basic needs and allows us to explore our wants. We might want interesting things, to have unique experiences or to travel. Money also allows us to be healthier, eat better food and work less to sustain ourselves.

Time: The one thing you can never replace and always wish you had more of is time. Think of it as more construct than chronology. Time wasted or squandered, time spent on things that take away from who we are and what we want to do is draining, but time invested in the things that stir you and are passionate about will always feel like freedom.

Energy: When you feel energized in the work your do, the life you live and the relationships you have, you have freedom. With more energy you can express yourself, love freely, create and innovate. The best athletes or musicians or entertainers in the world will tell you they become energized when they are doing their craft. Their incredible efforts seem effortless.

So let’s review how mastery gives us freedom? The Master – or specialist - will earn more for what they do. There is a premium exchanged that acknowledges your expertise.

Mastery gives us more time, because we no longer have to sweat the small stuff. While others get caught in the minutiae, those details are automatic. When others struggle to move to another level, the master need only make small improvements. It takes less time to make important differences. They will tell you time escapes them – time somewhat of a perception. Time becomes relative.

Lastly, Mastery gives us more energy. We are more energized when we have a sense of accomplishment and appreciation. We become energized as we engage in our passions. Mastery takes us into a flow state regularly, where everything seems easier and falls into place. In fact, thinking becomes automatic and intuitive. Mastery gives us freedom.

What are you a master of? Seek mastery in your passions and you will find freedom.

When you learn the Freedom Rules™ you will know that working less and making more is possible.

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