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I’m sharing the secrets to living a Grow Get Give life with you.

Recently I was a special guest on Heather Andrews' podcast program, "The Heather Andrews Show" powered by Tenacious Living Network. The topic of our conversation was my Grow, Get, Give philosophy. I hope you enjoy it.

What does a Grow Get Give life mean?

It is a philosophy of life that guides me and my actions. It is a statement that reminds us of the bigger impact we can have and the importance of what we do every day. It is an aspirational mantra. As a coach, it is my mission to guide entrepreneurs “GROW their business” in ways that connect their values with their customers and marketing message. Entrepreneurs work hard – and work constantly - for their freedom, but working less and thinking more allows you to create, innovate and earn more. I help them “GET more freedom”. Lastly, the goal of business is to earn a profit. In my world profit = impact. Working with business owners I reveal how they can make their big impact to “GIVE back” in their lives, for their families, their communities and the causes that matter most to them. Again, you can hear this interview on the Tenacious Living's ON-DEMAND PODCAST directly: . It is available 24/7. I hope you enjoy my interview and feel free to spend a moment exploring the 500+ podcasts featuring over 350 guest experts from around the world ...all under one roof and available on the network!

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