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Do the dirty job.

Madison has become a top DH mountain bike racer…quickly. Early on she crashed a ton. Crashing on rocks and roots hurts. It is very dirty & not very “lady-like” (if you go for those stereotypes). She is tough as nails always picked herself, got on her bike & pushed through. Learning & improving until she put together smooth runs consistently & ended up on the podium regularly. Her success was possible because she was willing to do the hard work – the dirty work – that is needed to become great at something unique. What is not preferable to many she has made her passion. So, she succeeds.

Business is a lot like that. I have a client who has done extraordinarily well. He gets paid incredibly well for what he does. His is the job no one likes to do. It is the part of the business that is not glamorous & has little fanfare. But, it must get done. He worked at becoming one of the best at this role for years. Building the knowledge, taking the tough jobs that no one wanted & learning along the way. He has been earning over a million dollars a year the past decade doing what no one wants to do...& few even know how well he does.

Getting to be the absolute best in areas that no one would ever think of or want to master makes you invaluable & positions you for incredible success. This can take building a niche to a profitable extreme. What is “ugly” or extremely difficult about what you do? Maybe you should do it more.

Send me a Linked-In message to ask me how I can help you start living your GROW, GET, GIVE life today. #mastery #thedirtyjob #millionsintheffort

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