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Thank you for agreeing to share your testimonial for my new book. I am grateful for your support. The UNLimited WORTH Project is the most important, and ambitious, endeavor I have taken on. Your words will help encourage others to pick up this book so they can heal. With love, Mike.

I have made it simple for you.


To save you time and energy, here are examples that others have shared, which may assist you in this if you are willing to provide the endorsement.


Mike Skrypnek is an amazing human being who has firsthand experience of childhood trauma, its devastating effects, and recently the powerfulness of healing and reclaiming his innocence. Mike is on a mission to help other men in similar situations end their suffering in silence and realize their UNLimited Worth. His courage to speak out and commitment to help others is beyond admirable. I encourage you to read his upcoming book "Unlimited Worth -Lessons of happiness, love and success from male leaders healed from childhood trauma” and visit his podcasts.” - Daniel Holinda  -Retired Charity Sector Leader. Former Regional Executive Director-Prairies, Canadian Cancer Society.

"There are two things we need in this world: better leaders and more healing. And, we can't have one without the other. The only way we can transform our ability to have a positive impact on our world is to heal our trauma wounds, and we all have them. UNLimited WORTH will help you both heal and elevate. Begin or accelerate that journey right now by reading this book.” – Ryan Gottfredson, PhD. Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Success Mindsets and The Elevated Leader 

“Occasionally in life (VERY occasionally), we meet a genuine, thoughtful, caring person who puts his/her heart, mind, and soul into his/her work. From the first time I met Mike Skrypnek that is what I felt. And now he has taken the spirit of helping others to a new height with his book UNLimited WORTH. Many of us struggle with barriers to success and repeat acts of self-sabotage. Not overcoming these cycles eventually turns struggle into suffering. UNLimited WORTH can help you overcome these negative cycles and discover your true, rich self. It helped me…I believe it can help you!”

Dr. Gary McGrath, CEO, Statarius LLC

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