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First responders experience 50% MORE PTSD and depression related mental health challenges than the general population

- CMHA, Public Safety Canada, Psychiatric Times...

Igniting Your Power Within
The Secret to Hidden Strength is in your UNLimited WORTH

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Transformative Training for First Responders.

1. 28 Minute Free, Decision-Maker, Discovery Call -  Conversation with Mike directly to 1) learn if his program is right for you, or your organization, and 2) to discuss the scope of implementation. 

2. The 2-Hour Training - in-person (Recommended 10-15 participants per group)

This one-session training is geared to help you learn ways to improve performance in life, while understanding key leadership opportunities at work, home and in the community. This workshop is broken down into three sections that will ignite your mind and inspire you to become a more informed and capable person and leader.

The structure of the training helps to normalize conversations surrounding mental wellness, and emotional awareness by disarming stigma and engaging participants in open discussions designed to get to the root of any limiting sabotage, leadership gaps or harmful instincts, in a risk-free setting, without judgment


Part 1 Interactive Keynote: Sharing of the Story of UNLimited WORTH, as told by Mike Skrypnek, a leadership specialist, and men’s mental wellness advocate, with three decades of experience working with top performing organizations and individuals on his inspirational personal journey. How he discovered the ways people can rise above the non-conscious patterns holding them back and what they can do about it.


Part 2 Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: An interactive overview of the qualities of purposeful leadership, the role of emotional intelligence and emotion awareness, and meeting the daily demands of leadership - for one's self, among others, at work, in the community and at home.


Part 3 The Psychology of Performance: Exploring trauma-informed emotional intelligence and awareness. We examine how to identify hard-wired subconscious patterns and limiting behaviors, while presenting techniques to identify and over come the challenges that hold us back from reaching our full (leadership) potential. When we become aware we can grow. 

"Thank you to Mike Skrypnek for discussing our staff’s Unlimited Worth and allowing them to discuss mental health options in a safe space.   Despite safety being a core goal, mental health often remains unaddressed.   While one in five Canadians face some level of mental health challenge, only one in three will seek treatment because of perceived stigmas.   Mike’s discussion helped our team open up about their mental health in a non-judgmental way, setting the ground work for each to have a better understanding of their self, and available support.”   Denise Imbeau, General Manager, GFL Environmental Inc.

3. The 15-Minute Follow Up One-on-One Debrief and Action Plan  

Private, voluntary, confidential follow up calls with all workshop attendees to debrief and define three key personal action steps they need to take toward their profound leadership and emotional awareness journey


​4. The 1-hour Action and Accountability group session (30 days post workshop) - via video conference or in-person.

​A follow-up group session to bring closure to the training, while identifying a collective action plan with the framework to build accountability and success to people moving through the emotional awareness process. 

Every participant will receive a signed copy of Mike's book, "UNLimited WORTH. Lessons of healing from childhood trauma; finding happiness, love and success, for male leaders."

While females constitute up to 20% of all first responders, the majority are men...and their mental health affects everyone - disproportionately affecting women. Today's men are suffering depression, stress and loneliness at an unprecedented rate. Male suicide rates  among the general population between age 30 and 60 years old have risen and 4 out of 5 suicides of all people in that age range are men! The isolation and demands of the pandemic, a shift to online/remote interactions, a generational shift and changing or evolving roles we play in leadership, in the workplace and at home have increased our desire to find community and connection with other men, while lowering our inclination to take the first step. The primary causes of all male deaths include heart attacks, heart disease, pulmonary disease, cancer, systemic illnesses, accidents, flu and suicide. Stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, substance abuse, and unfulfilling social connections are all direct contributing factors to the top things that put men's lives at risk.

Igniting Your Power Within
The Secret to Hidden Strength is in your UNLimited WORTH

Program Details

The above proposed corporate training for First Responders, considers recommended training group sizes of up to 15 (max) people. The program outlined will consist of approximately 2-hour training session/group, with one-on-one follow-ups and a group/re-group session, all delivered within a 30 to 45 day period.


Each participant will be encouraged to schedule a 15-30 minute confidential phone conversation with Mike, as a session "debrief". Calls are voluntary, private, personal mentoring sessions, and actions steps, if applicable, are suggested.


The 1-hour follow-up group/re-group session would be scheduled as optional (yet recommended), in-person, or online video call, approximately 30 to 45 days following the training session.  

The details:

  • To book your decision maker discovery call, please contact Mike, by email: or phone: 604-898-6340 with questions, inquiries, etc. 

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