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UNLimited WORTH book cover

Lessons of healing from childhood trauma; finding happiness, love and success for male leaders




This is a mission to help millions of men and the families who love them realize their UNLimited WORTH

We must give good men the space they need to break their silence and heal.  

The darkness of depression and plans for suicide lead to the healing that inspired a step into the light and take up the cause to normalize the narrative for men's mental health.

Men keep their childhood trauma a secret for an average of 24 years. In fact, men you perceive to be successful industry leaders, pro-athletes or artists suffer in silence. The emotions that define us and the patterns that limit us are embedded by trauma and must be released before we can heal.

The secret of childhood sexual abuse was kept hidden for forty years! The entire time it defined personal and professional actions, decisions and relationships subconsciously. Only through treatment was awareness and healing possible.

EMDR was a life saver. It is miraculous. 

 To reach millions of men with this important message, we must address all aspects to encourage men to speak up and seek help. We do it with our podcast, books, corporate training, and focus on the development of trauma informed emotional intelligence and treatments. 



Yes, it is that simple. Break their silence by sharing with just ONE person whom they love and trust, and ONE person who is a trained professional in healing trauma. 



Mike's experience started this movement

"I put suicide on the top of my "to do list" during my 51st year. 

That moment and the days and weeks that followed were the darkest of my life.

The emotions that defined me and the patterns that limited me,

washed over my life like a tidal wave. 

Death was a viable option.

But healing was too

I reached out for help to save my life.

Men you might know, suffer silently with hidden secrets of childhood trauma. On average it takes 24 years for them to reveal their secret.  

I endured decades of secrecy, skillfully hiding my secret that defined everything,

living with feelings of shame, guilt, fear, lack of worth, self-doubt, sadness and anger

Men with childhood trauma live below their potential

Limited by our past and inability to deal with it.

Our silence makes us feel worthless.

We are fallible, have made mistakes and many missteps along the way.

We have been injured and traumatized in our lives as children,

and are doing our best as men

Our goal is to become good men

Men who act with purpose,

live honorably and intentionally.

Other men and our families can rely on us.

We are vulnerable and authentic.

It is necessary to reach our breaking point to heal. 

We simply need the support and openness of other men. 

We need to feel safe. That we will be ok, when we break our silence


Healing doesn't need to start when 

we hit rock bottom of addiction, or suffer depression or mental illness. It doesn't have to be accompanied by loss of: business, relationships &/or health. 

If we seek help. Important, professional help.

Before it is too late.

We can began our healing.

Here's the amazing thing!

The day our secrets are no longer and our healing begins, the universe opened up, our lives become instantly better and the opportunities we always dreamed of finally begin to reveal themselves.


Our relationships improve and our outlook will too, as we believe our value and understand our worth in the world. The self-imposed limits were gone.


But that alone does not make you a "GOOD MAN". 

Good men support other men. They teach and guide and mentor them.

They give community.

More importantly they give trust and love without conditions. 


Help me make a cosmic ripple.


I've got a story to tell and it will change the lives of men, their families and generations to follow. 


It is the story of 


UNLimited WORTH Book
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