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The MenWORTHMentoring program was established to support you in life and at work, at home, in your community, and within your family.


To know yourself and understand others takes a guide. 

This exclusive, by invitation, introduction and interview service is available only for men who have attended an UNLimited WORTH talk, training or workshop who want the valuable mentorship of a coach.


MenWORTHMentoring is low-cost access to business and life coaching mentorship and counsel.

Personal. Wellness. Fitness. Family. Philanthropy.            Professional. Strategy. Business. Financial. 

Men WORTH Mentoring Private Coaching session

  • How amazing! You stepped up to solve something you need to work on, while learning more about yourself at the same time. Here's what you can expect in our session. 

    1. 15 minute discovery conversation

    2. 5-10 minutes challenge/opportunity description 

    3. 40-60 minutes. Uncovering the top priorities to consider for you and the actions that you can take right away to move toward a solution. We will consider strategies, tools and tactics that will work for you. Maybe a referral or connection is needed.

    Whatever it is you need, we'll get to the heart of it right away and move your one step closer to success. 

    I look forward to our conversation.

  • Mike will devote his focus, energy and resources toward giving you the boost, the insights, the counsel you need.  Any strategies, tools or tactics offered as only as effective as you make them. Results will vary on your effort and success. 

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