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Welcome to Men WORTH Meeting! 


"Male aloneness is male disease" - Frederick Marx, Academy Award nominated "Hoop Dreams" Producer


Men are suffering depression, stress and loneliness at an unprecedented rate. Male suicide rates between age 30 and 60 years old have risen and 4 out of 5 suicides of all people in that age range are men! The isolation of the pandemic, a shift to online interactions, a generational shift and changing or evolving roles we play in leadership, in the workplace and at home have increased our desire to find community and connection with other men, while lowering our inclination to take the first step. The primary causes of all male deaths include heart attacks, heart disease, pulmonary disease, cancer and systemic illnesses. Stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, substance abuse, and unfulfilling social connections are all direct contributing factors to the top things that put men's lives at risk.


"A men's social group is the most inexpensive and enjoyable way to begin reducing our mortality risk."  

Men WORTH Meeting has been created to bring men together who will benefit greatly through interaction. 


Men WORTH Meeting happens in-person every THIRD TUESDAY of the month. Be sure to register each month to get venue updates.



Men WORTH Meeting Global

Price Options
Men WORTH Meeting
A monthly global group for good men
C$25.00every month for 12 months
Men WORTH Meeting
Monthly group for GOOD MEN three month trial
C$25.00every month for 3 months
  • When you register to join as a new member, we'll be sure to reach out to you directly. Mike is available to speak and answer any questions you might have. When you join MWM, not only do you become a part of our important growing community, you are able to join our global monthly Man WORTH Meeting virtual guest speaker series, participate in special events/activities, be a part of our future mentoring program, and attend our annual MWM Leader Transformation Retreat (additional reduced rate fees will apply for members in good standing). 

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