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Transformative Leadership Training for Corporations and their C-Suite executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, including thought and business industry leadership teams

1. 28 Minute, Free Discovery Call 

Speak with Mike directly to learn if his program is right for you or your organization. 

2. The Three-Hour Workshop - in-person (limited to 8 participants per group)

This three-part, one-session, workshop will inspire you. This leadership session is geared to help you learn ways to improve performance in life, while stepping up as leaders at work, home and in the community. This workshop is broken down into three sections that will ignite your mind and inspire you to become a more informed and capable leader.

The structure of the workshop will normalize the emotional awareness conversation by disarming and engaging leaders in open discussion that is designed to get to the root of any limiting sabotage, leadership gaps or harmful instincts, in a Risk-Free setting, without judgment. 


Part 1 Keynote: Sharing of the Story of UNLimited WORTH, as told by Mike Skrypnek, a leadership specialist, and men’s mental wellness advocate, with three decades of experience working with top performing organizations and individuals on his inspirational personal journey. How he discovered the ways people can rise above the patterns holding them back and what they can do about it.


Part 2 Leadership Techniques and Tools: Learn about present day leadership practices, trends in leadership, qualities of purposeful leadership, the role of emotional intelligence and emotion awareness, and meeting the daily demands of leadership.


Part 3 Leadership Psychology: Exploring trauma-informed emotional intelligence and awareness for leadership, we examine how to identify hard-wired subconscious patterns and limiting behaviors, while presenting techniques to identify and overcome the challenges that hold us back from reaching our full leadership potential. When we become aware we can grow. 

 “It was an awesome presentation and I think our members definitely had some positive take-aways. Also what an inspiring and motivating story I think it’s incredible you are sharing your story and able to help others break down the walls that hold us back.” -  Alicia MacGregor Administrative Coordinator, Events and Member Services, Squamish Chamber of Commerce

3. The 30-Minute Follow Up One-on-One debrief and action plan

Private, confidential follow up calls with all workshop attendees to debrief and define three key personal action steps they need to take toward their profound leadership and emotional awareness journey

​4. The 1-hour Action and Accountability group session (30 days post workshop) - via video conference

An session to bring closure to the workshop, while identifying a group action plan with framework to build accountability and success to leaders moving through the emotional awareness process. 

5. The 1-hour Leadership Success group session (60 days post workshop) - in person or video conference

Designed to review group action plan accomplishments and goal setting for the future . 



ONLY $10,499!! 


​To elevate and realize profound change, you must act today.

*All values in USD. Travel and accommodation are additional. 

UNLimited Worth: Profound Leadership Thru Emotional Awareness Executive Program

C$17,000.00 Regular Price
C$10,499.00Sale Price
  • Travel and accommodations for Mike Skrypnek are not included in this offer. Payment for travel costs will be required prior to booking flights and hotel.  

  • Upon agreement between the host and presenter, signed copies of Mike Skrypnek's book "UNLimited WORTH" will be available for all attendees.

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