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Who can you help?

Who influences and serves your ideal customers? ⁠ Can you make yourself valuable to that partner and help them serve their customers? ⁠ Those are important questions that will guide you to your credibility partner. People call these partners “centers” with “spheres” of influence, but too often the approach taken is to ask these people or business for something.⁠ They are not about to give you a referral or give you access to their customers. In many misguided descriptions it almost feels like the guidance is to infiltrate your partner’s business to convince them to serve you.⁠ In order to earn this important positioning, you must learn how you can serve the organizations, or people, which will provide you with a credible endorsement. Your input must help this partner achieve their goals. ⁠ Jay Fiset taught me that partnering with others can help you get more freedom.⁠ .⁠

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