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GET more freedom: WOW! That is a great idea!

It’s GET more freedom, Wednesday. Learn your Freedom Rules™

Yes, that is a great idea! Now, if only you had more time to implement it.

While we all stare deeply into our computers, laptops or smart phones, the bombardment continues. Cool products, new services, slick marketing and big ideas. For our entrepreneur spirit, it is exciting. We are stimulated by possibilities as we consider how we could integrate or extrapolate something else to make our business better. For the owner in us, we are torn. So many great ideas - so little time.

How could you possibly fit another big idea into your jam packed schedule and not get overwhelmed, forget your family, your health, or increase your stress?

The essence of true entrepreneurial freedom comes down to time. How much of it you have to work, think, live and sleep. If you have more time then all of these things come easy. The concept of working less and making more can be a reality, but it takes commitment. When you achieve it, you live richly, think better and sleep well. There are many secrets to getting your freedom, but they really boil down to three things: people, processes and systems.

Surrounding yourself with great people allows you to delegate and empower others to do work you shouldn’t or enhance work you do. Working with the right customers gives you freedom by ensuring your happiness, profitability and impact.

Processes give you peace of mind to stop worrying about your business, knowing that things will get done the way they should and the way you hope. You can step away from work without worry.

Systems lift the tedious tasks out of the way; remove frictions and give you scale. The allow you to make big decisions about growth without worrying if your business can handle it.

When you learn the Freedom Rules™ you will know that working less and making more is possible.

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