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Be Of Value

We have all heard this – be of value. But furthermore, be of value to valuable people. What exactly does it mean? Jim Rohn shared wisdom that wasn’t always overused quotes like “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” Kyle Wilson, was Jim Rohn’s business partner, closest friends and master marketing guru of 18 years, when their business was at its peak. He shared his observation of something Jim Rohn lived every day. He said Jim would tell him,

“To make a living, learn to be valuable to the market. If you want to be wealthy, learn to be of value to valuable people.”

I’ll say that again. To make a living, learn to be valuable to the market. If you want to be wealthy, learn to be valuable to valuable people. That comes down to how you serve. How do you know when you’re not of value?

  • You are not of value when you’re cramming products and services down people’s throats.

  • You are not of value when you bait and switch your prospects.

  • You’re not of value when you lead every conversation with “I” or “me”.

  • You’re not of value when you speak first and listen later, if at all,

  • You’re most definitely not of value when you are constantly planning for how you will benefit before you learn how others might benefit from what you do, or how you can help them. 

You are valuable when you find out the things that matter most to people and seek ways to serve them.

Learn the things that your customer views as the most important benefits for them.

Know the things that they need to have success.

Understand these things and deliver them to them. At the very least deliver access to it in some way through whatever it is you do.

You become valuable when you’re viewed as a resource, as someone who’s a trusted resource that helps them, guides them, and improves their lives.

Become a serving leader in all you do. Leading is not confined to your staff and people around you; it also includes a responsibility to your customers. To be helpful to your customer it will require that you understand them. It is critical that you

learn what they need, what they like, and how you can help

ease their pain or fulfill their desires to be better.

Become the trusted advisor or resource for them by guiding in their self-discovery. Teach them how you will be able to help them. Making a commitment to serving your customer will position you closer to them. When you solve their biggest challenges, offer what they want, and give them what they need, you move from a commodity to a resource. When you help your customers achieve their goals, they become connected to you in a personal way.

— Published onMarch 30, 2020

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